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Welcome to the Home of Sullivan Lacrosse



    – Arie de Geus 



    My name is Bart Sullivan and I am currently the head boy’s varsity coach and program director for the Southlake Carroll Lacrosse Association in Southlake, TX.  I spent 5 years as a college coach and now have spent the last 4 working primarily with youth and high school kids.  I run Sullivan Lacrosse with my wife, Terin, and we employ other great coaches as needed for each of our programs.


    My Laboratory

    My job is amazing and unique in that I have two things that most lacrosse coaches are not afforded:

    1. The time (and desire) to research and learn EVERYDAY
    2. The perfect environment to try new things and consistently work with kids of every age and ability-level


    My Mission                

    • To use my Laboratory to create the absolute best curriculum for the long-term development of all lacrosse players and apply it to the Southlake Carroll Lacrosse Association as well as my Sullivan Lacrosse programs
    • To research cutting edge innovation in sports, science, and education and find ways to use that information to improve the game of lacrosse
    • To connect with likeminded individuals (or groups) to share knowledge and ideas
    • To help educate any coaches, players, or parents willing to learn


    My Youtube Channel

    In addition to my website, I have a youtube channel that I use to host all of my coaching videos including age appropriate drills, skills, strategies, coaching philosophy, etc. Click here to visit the Sullivan Lacrosse Youtube Channel.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@BartHSullivan) to find out when new videos are being posted.


    My Blog

    I will constantly update my Blog with fresh content and new ideas that I discover throughout my journey.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@BartHSullivan) to find out when new Blog posts are being released.